Together with Grebban Studios i engaged in a project to create an e-commerce platform for a swedish brand of my choice. I focused on one product area where time seems to stand still. Books. Pocket Shop is a franchise that in the last ten years have been left in the dust of its competitors. Something i set out to change!

The small purple bookstore was founded 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden. Pocket Shops business plan rely on providing stunning and affordable books - pocket books - in populated areas, with a clear and distinctive exposure, with well-informed store clerks.


When analyzing the market i quickly realized the importance of e-commerce within the book industry. Back in 2010 when Pocket Shops main competitor Bokhandelsgruppen launched their online bookstore, Bokus, revenue skyrocketed. In eight years their value increased tenfold. While Pocket Shops revenue stayed the same.

I ran user tests on the competitors platforms. From these tests i was able to see a recurring pattern. They are way to populated. These websites are one cluttered mess. There are too many options and way too much unnecessary information. This made it difficult to navigate, especially for the older generation in my test group. This paved the way for the fundamentals of Pocket Shop's new platform. Easy navigation, stripped simple and a personal tone of voice.