Together with the city of Gothenburg i engaged in a project to create a concept for a digital product that establishes financial connections between businesses/individuals and civil society organizations within Gothenburg.

How does one bridge the gap between these parties and set fundamentals of an equal city?

First I set out to discover the associations people had when being met with the word “donation”. I posted forms on various social media platforms. From the answers I discovered that a fair amount felt that donation is troublesome because it depends on the donor to give selflessly.

But what if it didn't have to be that way.


To eliminate the need of individuals having to give selflessly, Gotcha is partnering up with local businesses in the Gothenburg area. Gotcha is the app where users find their Gotcha e-card.

The user uses the app to find a local Gotcha partner. With a single click they transfer money to the e-card with BankID. The user makes a purchase from the local business. In turn the business donates a certain amount of the sale to organizations from the civil society. When the donation has successfully been transferred the customer recieves a notification within the app where she/he can keep track of how much, we as a city, have donated to the ones in need.