Hi, my name is Anton, I'm a 25 year old creative from Gothenburg, Sweden. I study my final year of digital design at Yrgo.
I draw rectangles, spheres and triangles in Figma, browse default effects in After Effects and import clean PNG's into Photoshop, all day, everyday.

On a chilly november morning I was unwillingly born into a clan of printmakers, marketeers and social workers. Through the years my ears have had to withsthand the outrage of printed color profiles not matching, evade field test questions at the christmas gathering and being mindfucked to oblivion by lefthanded comments about existence.

Sry, I lost focus. Lets save the life story for another time.

What you need to know is that I will be available for an internship between the 23rd of November - 28th of may.

Lets chitchat. Hit me up below.